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Looking For A Programmer?

You're in the right spot.

Hi! 👋 I'm Weston.

I'm a passionate and skilled developer with 5 years of extensive experience in game and graphics programming.

I work as a Generalist Programmer at Ubisoft Montréal, on the Far Cry brand.

What Can I do?

  • 5 years of experience with C#, and Unity3D, in AAA project contexts.

  • 3 years of experience with C++, on AAA projects

  • Modern C++ (Smart Pointers, Move Semantics, C++20, C++17, etc)

  • VR/XR in Unity with Oculus.

  • OpenGL, GLSL, HLSL

  • 3D Game Math (Quaternions, Matrices, Vectors, Trigonometry etc)

  • Visual Studio 2017 & 2019

  • Multithreaded Programming

  • Program Optimization

  • UE4 and Godot

  • 3D Modeling with Blender

  • GIMP and Photoshop

  • Git and Github (command line and desktop)

  • CMAKE, SCons and Premake.

  • Much more (Feel free to ask!)


Main Projects

Click a project to learn more


Crynn Game Engine

Sept 2020 - Present

Crynn is a simple to use, open source game engine I have been developing during the past year. It is robust, fast and powerful.

It is written in C++, and supports many modern game engine features.


Unity Bezier Curves

August 2021

A straightforward C# library for 2D bezier curve interpolation in Unity.


It can create bezier curves for any number of control points. It performs very well, and takes a unique approach to calculating N order curves.


APOD Changer

Dec 2020

A simple program that automatically downloads and sets the users desktop background to the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day.

It uses a C# frontend for the application, and sets the backgrounds with C++ using DLL's and PInvoke.



February 2021

A ridiculously simple and completely thread safe C++ event class.

It allows easy creation of event systems, and is super scalable due to configurable macros and variadic templates.

It is used in the Crynn game engine to handle all events.




Tapes N Shapes

Feb 2020

A relaxing 3D puzzle game created in Unity with C#. I worked alongside 2 other team members. I did the programming and 3D modeling.


Submission for the 1 week 2020 Brackey's Game Jam.


Meredith Street

October 2021

A short, first person horror adventure game created in 7 days for the Halloween themed game jam, "Scream Jam".

It was developed entirely by me in the 7 day period in Unity with C#, with the 3D modeling done in Blender.

Build Screenshot 2024.03.05 -


February 2024

Galaxia is a first person multiplayer shooter with bouncing lasers. It has a cool retro 80's theme, with great synthwave music and fun gameplay Shoot lasers off walls into your enemies to win.


Game Modding

June 2018 - Present

I frequently develop mods and maps for video games like Counter-Strike and Arma 3.

My mods have been downloaded and played by thousands of players around the world.


Unity Water Shader

July 2021

A basic water shader created for background water scenery. It is written in HLSL.


It renders at lightning speed, and is highly customizable. Wave intensity, speed, and color can all be fine tuned.



Jan 2019

A fun hyper casual game designed for mobile and PC platforms.  It was created in Unity, with C#.


It is available for free on the Google Play Store and has been downloaded by over 200 happy users. It currently sits at a 4.3 out of 5 star rating.

Raymarched spheres circling each other


July 2020 - Present

I frequently write shaders on the shader sharing site ShaderToy.


I have written a variety of shaders utilizing modern techniques like raymarching.


3D Modelling

April 2018 - Present

When you develop indie games, you wear lots of hats. One of those hats I wear is 3D modelling. I am proficient in Blender, and sell 3D models on the model sharing site Turbosquid.

March 2021

A texture viewer built for game developers. It allows you to easily preview how textures will map onto cubes, and look from different angles.

It can easily load all common image types, and is actually faster than the default photo viewing app for Windows.

It is written in C++, and is open source on Github.

These are not my only projects, just larger ones. For a wider variety of my projects, check my Github repositories.

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