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What Is Crynn?

Crynn is a fast, powerful and simple game engine useful for realtime game experiences and simulations.

Crynn is written in C++20 and the renderer is written with OpenGL. It is free and open source and is available here.

Example scene rendered with Crynn

What Can Crynn Do?

Crynn can do a lot of things modern game engines can do! A non exhaustive list of Crynn's features is as follows:

  • A robust input/event system

  • A fast OpenGL renderer

  • Quaternion rotations

  • Pointer managed parent child relationships.

  • Simple to setup and use

  • Built in Phong shading and an easily extendable shader API

  • Skyboxes/Cubemapping

  • 3D Model Loading

  • Fast texture loading & mapping

  • Robust physics

  • Full rigidbody dynamics with qu3e.

  • GUI Debugging Tools

Keep in mind that this feature list is just a snippet into what Crynn is capable of. It has far more features, and receives new updates all the time.

To keep the codebase and engine as simple as possible, Crynn lacks many features other modern game engines may have. Crynn is intended for small and simple games or simulations.


Using the transformation hierarchy, a parent child relationship was created between these two backpacks.This allows them to move automatically with each other.

Why Use Crynn?

Crynn is simple!

It was built around the principle of simplicity and automation, and maintains it fairly well throughout the codebase.

It is made for the quick iteration of very simple graphics applications.

In fact, a fully functional instance of the Crynn engine can be created with just two lines in your main function.

#include <Crynn.h>

int main ()
   Engine engine = Engine(800, 600, "Test");



The source code and documentation is hosted on Github here.

Check it out!

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