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A Bit More About Me


Hi! 👋 I'm Weston.

I enjoy programming, playing games, and spending time outside.

I am currently working as a Generalist Programmer at Ubisoft Montreal, on the Far Cry Brand.

This section describes how I personally got into programming, and more on myself. If you're interested in my work experience, please check my LinkedIn.

I began programming in early 2017. I love video games, and at the time was playing quite a few of them, so it only seemed natural to want to try my hand at making them. I did some research, and found Unity.

After making my first project, a small little ball roller where you dodge obstacles, I was hooked and began to build a lot more. Throughout 2017 and 2018 I spent the vast majority of my time learning more about Unity, C# and other tools like Blender and GIMP. I built many games and experiences, some of which I unfortunately lost due to broken hard drives and failure to back them up. Though the learning experience I gained from that proved to be more valuable than the source code for the games anyway. I dabbled in a few other engines like Unreal Engine 4 and Godot as well.

After making a fair share of games, and becoming quite experienced with Unity, in 2020 I decided to go a bit lower level, and try my hand at shader programming and OpenGL. While learning low level computer graphics I tested with C++, Rust, Vulkan, GLSL, HLSL and tons of other graphics frameworks.

I think I was quite successful with it, and spent many happy hours developing graphics software in my spare time. One application was the Crynn Game Engine. It's my magnum opus of graphics projects. I am super proud of what I accomplished, and what I learned creating it. I created a few other graphics applications aswell. They can be found in the projects section.

I'm also always trying to pick up new tech, and learn new things. I frequently read new C++ standard drafts, and attend events like SIGGRAPH, and CppCon.

Thanks for reading!

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