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Game Modding

I play quite a bit of video games. Aside from biking and programming, playing games is one of my favorite things to do.

Given that I have experience with programming and game engines, it seemed only natural that I would give modding games a try. Throughout the many years I have spent playing video games on PC, I have developed a variety of mods, with some becoming quite popular!



A screenshot of my map "Insurgent", developed for Counter-Strike in 2018.

In 2018 I developed a Counter-Strike map called "Insurgent". It has been downloaded and played by over 100 different people, and me and my friends continue to play it, and have fun on it today.

It was developed in Valve's Hammer Level Editor over the span of a few weeks. The process taught me a lot about level design, map editors and the Source Engine, used to develop Counter Strike.

An image of Valve's Hammer Level Editor

Me, my friends and others online spent many hours testing, refining and enjoying the gameplay on this map.

I learned about creating effective sight lines, balanced layouts and creating good map timing. It taught me a lot about designing quality maps, and the importance of playtesting to create amazing experiences.

Arma 3

I frequently develop maps, mods and scripts for the military simulator Arma 3. I have made two full feature level scenarios, and a variety of scripted mods that create new gameplay features.


Combat in Arma 3


In 2020 I developed a fully fledged Arma 3 scenario where the player would defend the city of Molos (a location in Arma 3), by ambushing an enemy convoy.

It was developed over the course of two days, and then extensively tested and refined by me and my friends. It is published on the Steam workshop and available here.


I developed an open source mod for Arma 3 that allows the users to create car bombs as a weapon against their opponents in scenarios. It was developed using the scripting language SQF, and along with learning the language, I also learned a lot about the Arma 3 modding API, and the Arma 3 engine.

I published a Steam guide with instructions for using the mod. It was featured on the top Steam guides for Arma 3, was viewed by nearly 5000 people, and received 7 Steam awards from other Steam users. The mod is open source, and is available on Github here.

I also create a variety of personal mods that I create simply for my own entertainment that I do not release to the public.

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