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3D Modelling

When you make indie games, you have to wear lots of hats.

In my case, one of those hats is a 3D modeler. For a while, I made games solo, and as a result was forced to pick up modeling software. Even though I struggled with Blender in the beginning, it ended up being one of the most rewarding things I have ever learned.


I now know Blender inside out, and can create really awesome stuff with it.

After creating a collection of 3D models for my games, I periodically listed a few on the 3D model marketplace website Turbosquid. My models have been purchased and downloaded multiple times by a variety of other users. My profile can be found here.

In Blender I have worked with, created or used the following:

  • Sculpting

  • PBR materials

  • Box modelling characters

  • Box modelling props

  • Blender shader graph

  • Cycles renderer

  • Eevee renderer

  • Animation

  • UV editing and texturing

  • Many more

Examples of My Paid Work in Blender

Click a model to see more info


Cowboy - Jan 2019

PBR Axe - Sept 2019


3D Trees - Nov 2018


FN Scar - July 2018

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